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collect photographs is to collect the world.” Susan Sontag

The Museum of Modern Life is an archive of colour slides from the mid twentieth century. A visual resource for artists, designers, illustrators and researchers.

The images you see here come from the modern vernacular: from Northern American suburbs and Southern American outbacks; from exotic Hawaiian beaches and dusty Greek farms; from cold British streets and red brick terraces; from the planes, cars, hotels, houses, gardens and churches of a bygone modern life. A world that no longer looks the way it once did, a world that is steadily vanishing.

When the 35mm Kodachrome colour transparency roll film was developed in 1936, it made a huge impact on the way photography was used and consumed by both professionals and amateurs alike. Its high definition, ease of use, and portability made the slide an immensely popular format, becoming the first affordable and widely available colour roll film on the market, which quickly lead to the widespread domestication of colour photography.


Please note Museum of Modern Life is not the copyright holder of any of these images. The copyright holders for specific images are acknowledged where known. Museum of Modern Life has made every effort to trace the copyright holders for individual records, but in most cases have not been successful. If you are the copyright holder to any of these images, please get in touch: contact@museumofmodernlife.com.

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