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Paris Daily Photo


Here we are…! It’s been nearly 10 years, though it seems like just yesterday, when I started posting a photo a day of Paris on this blog after I was given a digital camera for my birthday.

It’s been a wonderful experience, for many reasons. The main one being the many encounters that it allowed me to make; people from all over the world that became friends. The second reason why I’m grateful to PDP is that it allowed me to improve my photography skills. I had never had any interest in taking photos, but this daily routine forced me to get into it and improve my technique. I still don’t consider myself as a “real” photographer, but I have to admit that I’m proud of some of my shots. And the third reason is more of a personal achievement. I often think of myself as a quitter, someone who starts many things and stops when he is fed up or after the first difficulty arises. Well, after almost 10 years of not missing a single post, here is at least one occasion where I can call myself “a finisher”.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor to photograph everything from street protests to well known Paris monuments, I have also been asked to photograph wedding proposals and traveling monkeys, I’ve been the creator of what you’ve coined the “Tenin perspective” which really began as an easier way to get down on the ground to photograph silly things like gutters and dog poop! And last, but not least, I also had the great pleasure of picnicking along the Seine with PDP followers from around the world every year .

But things do change. For many reasons I’ve decided to leave Paris and settle down in Senglea, Malta on December 1st, 2014, which makes it difficult to continue this blog – even until its official 10 year anniversary. I would like to thank you all for your presence during these years (some of you have been following PDP – and commenting – since the dawn of “blogging time!”), wish you good luck for the future – starting with a wonderful 2015, and of course to find a nice replacement for PDP.

I also have a few special thoughts for all of my fellow CDP bloggers – the ones that are crazy enough to do the same in their own city! I wish them good luck for the future and remember not to miss a theme day!! and connect regularly to the portal! So now it’s only fitting that I end this adventure with a photo of the city I truly love as do so many of you. I took it on a summer night from the top of the Montparnasse Tower.

Au revoir et à bientôt and don’t forget to stay in touch on Facebook.

Yesterday morning (Sunday) at the Pont d’Iena (the bridge that goes from Le Trocadero to theEiffel Tower), I witnessed a pretty unusual scene: swimmers in the Seine! I was not there by coincidence though, only because a communication agency had organized the event and sent a press release to let the media know! This operation was in fact conducted on behalf of the ice cream maker Miko (a French brand that now belongs to  Unilever) to “celebrate” the time change, leading up to summer). Pretty clever and fun. Dangerous and forbidden too! That is why they did not really swim, but really just splashed about…



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