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Love These Pics Com

World Photography Day celebrate with Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year winners -- creative commons license celebrated, CargoNet Di 12 'Euro 4000' (road number 312 006) plowing through snow drifts at about 100 kmh


Love These Pics Com * Press here – Presione aquí 


WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY, Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 1st place: View of Lake Bondhus in Norway, and in the background of the Bondhus Glacier, part of the Folgefonna Glacier

World Photography Day -- Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2011 winner #12 -- 29 votes in Final; Olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) nesting on escobilla, Oaxaca, Mexico


The Twin Jazzists

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