Flash Cards * Comenta el contenido de cada entrada a) What's this? ¿Qué es esto? b) How do you say ______ in english? in spanish? in french?

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Free content, tips and topics for bilingual homework, conversation club, student monthly newspaper, the singing club, plus other bilingual learning projects.

Our students, friends and followers want to share with all of you what they find in the free internet. 

Welcome to parents, teachers, tutors, librarians, students, volunteers and self-taught fans from around the world.  


My LINKS WP * Mis enlaces WordPress 

Clean Web Kids * http://cleanwebkids.wordpress.com
Conversation Club Kids * http://conversationkids.wordpress.com/
El Legado Historico * http://historylegacy.wordpress.com/
Kids of the Future  * http://futurekidsprojects.wordpress.com/ 
My Favorite Topics * http://favoritetopics.wordpress.com 
My Portfolio Display * http://myportfoliodisplay.wordpress.com/
My School Projects * http://myschprojects.wordpress.com/ 
Musical World Wp * http://musicalworldwp.wordpress.com
Only Nice Music * http://onlynicemusic.wordpress.com/ 
World of Music Wp * https://worldofmusicwp.wordpress.com/
Photos for Homework * https://photos4homework.wordpress.com/
News for Students  * 
News for Homework * 
The Twin Reporters * http://thetwinreporter.wordpress.com/
World Reporter Kids Wp * http://worldreporterkids.wordpress.com/

D I S C L A I M E R –
Our homework network acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute facts of everything posted. Postings may contain fact, speculation or rumor. We find images from the Web that are believed to belong in the public domain. If any stories or images that appear on the site are in violation of copyright law, please email and we will remove the offending or inaccurate information as soon as possible.

D I S C L A M I E R –
Notre réseau devoirs reconnaît que si nous nous efforçons de rendre compte avec exactitude, nous ne pouvons pas vérifier les faits absolue de tout envoyé. Commentaires peuvent contenir fait, la spéculation ou la rumeur. Nous trouver des images sur le Web qui shelpont soupçonnés d’appartenir au domaine public. Si aucune des histoires ou des images qui apparaissent sur le site sont en violation du droit d’auteur, s’il vous plaît e-ly valuesmail et nous allons supprimer l’infraction ou de renseignements inexacts dans les meilleurs délais.
C’est un réseau DEVOIRS À NON LUCRATIF * 

Blogspot GROUP * Ckean Web for Kids Bs

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My Homework Network * Non-profit learning ring * Languages * School Projects * Prof JML * Mexico 

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