Flash Cards * Comenta el contenido de cada entrada a) What's this? ¿Qué es esto? b) How do you say ______ in english? in spanish? in french?

Our purpose

Homework Network
Free websites that offer free non-adult content to practise languages in a school, community or family atmosphere. Easy to navigate in, with interesting topics and accurate facts to share within our non-profit Homework Network. 

TO DO LIST * List of tasks to be done in the next weeks.
Lists of ”Top Ten” * Samples with ”Paint” * Samples with ”PowerPoint” *  *

TO SEARCH LIST * Words, tags and topics to perform a search.
Non-profit * public domain * free use * free of charge * non-commercial * educational purposses only * self-taught * non-adult content *

TO VISIT LIST * A quick view to related and interesting websites.
Enciclopaedias * translators * dictionaries * set phrases * charts * biographies * science & invents anniversaries * today in history * ancient history * news about culture, art, science, expeditions, sports, charity, education and family values projects * Topics to avoid: war, criminality, human exploitation.

TO EXPLORE LIST * A deep exploration to confirm the sites visited are worthwhile for repeating consultation.
No ads * The least hidden links as possible * Not fake sites.

Homework Network * Non-profit learning ring
”If you don’t create your reality,
your reality will create you”
See you later, alligator… afterwhile, crocodile! 


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